Early Flying Days in Hong Kong

FlyingHongKong_Book2By L.D.C Cowper

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New memoir takes readers on a flight to the past

L.D.C. Cowper’s ‘Early Flying Days in Hong Kong’ is a snapshot of a bustling metropolis’ humble origins.

NEW ZEALAND – Hong Kong, the shining jewel of Asia. Its brilliant skyscrapers of glass and steel rise into the blue sky and welcome newcomers to the Orient. Countless jets converge upon its airport, a multitude of massive cargo ships dock at its harbors, and thousands of denizens go to and fro its streets and subways. Once upon a time, it was not like this, and “Early Flying Days in Hong Kong”, by the late Leonard Dudley Cadogan Cowper, takes readers back to those days, when the city – and its premier airline, Cathay Pacific – was a fledgling, rickety thing unaware of its glamorous future.

This is a story of a pilot’s life in the Far East, spanning 25 years from the years 1957 to 1982. It follows the life and times of a man of great determination, humor and zest, as well as his career in Cathay Pacific Airways. In a way, it is also a story about the airline, back when it was struggling to survive with three propeller driven aircraft until it became a major international airline with hundreds of jets, including 747s. Cowper’s tale covers the period when Hong Kong was just emerging from the war years, through to its transformation into a world trading center.

“Early Flying Days in Hong Kong” is a book about aviation and characters, Hong Kong and its people, and the changes that occurred in the latter half of the 20th century. It is not fiction; its story is Hong Kong’s story and is told in the way it really happened.

Early Flying Days in Hong Kong
Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 522 pages | ISBN 9781490707396

About the Author
Leonard Dudley Cadogan Cowper (1927-2013) was a New Zealander, born in Auckland, and inspired by his father, an early pioneer in NZ aviation history.